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Port Angeles, WA, 98362

Premium Magfed, Milsim Paintball tactical components and accessories.  Proudly crafted in the USA. 

Carmatech SAR12 ShortSnout Handguard


Carmatech SAR12 ShortSnout Handguard


Carmatech SAR12 ShortSnout Handguard


Your Magfed paintball game just keeps getting better! Like to keep your kit compact? So do we! The FATE ShortSnout hand-guard for the Carmatech Engineering SAR12 platform is designed to fit the 'Scout-Sniper' load out, where stealth and tactical force is your advantage. Ultralight, easily packable and rhino tough.

Tastefully executed optimizing versatility and maneuverability, the FATE ShortSnout will excel your tactical role integrating form with functionality delivering consistency with your fore ward hand placement. Bust bunkers like a boss!


~ Product Features ~

  • Engineering-grade nylon
  • Lightweight – 63g

  • Length - 3.88" 

  • Inner Diameter - 1.00"

  • Continuous Strand Fiberglass reinforced mating face.

  • Eliminates barrel wobble and play providing more consistent accuracy, while allowing barrel to rotate smoothly.

  • Ergonomic Design gives comfortable, natural hand rest position whilst generating a wider foregrip stance improving overall stability.

  • Upper slots offer mounting options for up to 1" webbing strap slings.

  • Short length leaves just enough real estate for your strangler whilst short enough to accommodate nearly any barrel length making it perfect for scenario adaptability and CQB operations.

  • USA Crafted 110%

Note: Does not fit SAR12-C Chassis.

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