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Premium Magfed, Milsim Paintball tactical components and accessories.  Proudly crafted in the USA. 



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Super weekend at Supergame 49

Matthew Aston

If you have never attended Supergame before, this is one event you want to mark on your calendar!

Held at SniperzDen Paintball in St. Paul, Oregon, over 1500 players from across the continent and internationally litter the field, in swarms of squads and tanks, fighting for mission objectives for three days of ultimate paintball!

For the past three years at Supergame, Fixxxer of Instinct Industries has been orchestrator and host of a unique Pistol Combat Challenge with a huge thank you to First Strike for event prize donations from 24k gold plated pistols to 8.1's fully decked out by Fixxxer with all FATE upgrades and accessories. 

Congratulations to Zach Kirkland of 'ODOR' as the winner of this years Pistol Combat Challenge for Supergame. Well fought and certainly deserved, you have yourself a nice one of a kind pistol there!

Zach Kirkland of 'ODOR' + Fixxxer of Instinct Industries

Zach Kirkland of 'ODOR' + Fixxxer of Instinct Industries


A special thanks and big shout out goes out to all the media and photographers that made it out to the event. Deadly Couture PhotographyMillenium Designs Photography, Lindsay Fitzinger, Bangarang Photography, Hardline Photo. These guys have amazing work and definitely worth checking out! 

To see more of our photos of this event and work from these badass photographers head over to our FaceBook page Fixxxer Advanced Tactical Equipment

Did Someone Say Magfed Only! - Dominion MFOG

Matthew Aston

One epic event packed into one weekend of solid Magfed Only paintball! It all went down March 12-13 2016...

A huge thank you goes out to Magfed Proshop for hosting such an entertaining and fulfilling event for the Magfed Paintball community. 

With over a 250 player head count the weekend was full of intense battles and mission objectives fought out by both sides over the two day and event which included a night game.

Skeleton's of old buses and vehicles, scattered amongst the carcass of a helicopter are some of the features that make Jungle Island Paintball Park an interesting and fun field to battle it out on. Stalking through the 'jungle' or running spearpoint through the maze of CQB walls get the blood pumping. 

Head over to our Facebook page to check out all our photos and action shots from Dominion MFOG 

This was so much fun we just can't wait to do it all again next year!


Like...A Lot!

Matthew Aston

Wow! What an awesome weekend it has been!

We launched our website and also smashed over our '500 Likes' milestone on Facebook!

A Big Thank You to all our customers and supporters. You guys are what help make this all happen. 

With that said we would like to do a Giveaway to one of our lucky supporters. Head over to our Facebook page 'Fixxxer Advanced Tactical Equipment' and watch for more details on how You can win. 


3, 2, 1, Blast Off!!

Matthew Aston

Instinct Industries proudly announces the launch of our website and FATE (Fixxxer Advanced Tactical Equipment) branded gear. Specializing in unique, finely crafted USA made tactical components and accessories for Tiberius Arms markers, Magfed and Milsim paintball. 

Follow us on Facebook @ 'Fixxxer Advanced Tactical Equipment' for updates and exclusive offers.

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