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Port Angeles, WA, 98362

Premium Magfed, Milsim Paintball tactical components and accessories.  Proudly crafted in the USA. 


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Dominion: Evolu2ion - Magfed Only Games

Matthew Aston

It came, it went, it left a footprint in our gear bags, and for another year the Magfed paintball community is left with hunger for more, a strong accomplishment as if to say 'Hell yes we exist!', and the attitude that shouts, 'This is why we Magfed!'

Obligatory Selfie at the main entrance! It's about to get real!

Obligatory Selfie at the main entrance! It's about to get real!

Hosted exclusively by Magfed ProShop , Dominion Evolution is the second event in it's series of MFOG (magfed only games) to smash the West Coast with the most team based, mission intensive, hardcore action you have seen in paintball as you know it. This is Magfed. This is what we do! 

Attracting Magfed players from across the globe Dominion Evolu2ion is the biggest Magfed Only event to date, now that's epic!

From meeting up with old friends and making new, the entire weekend exploded with amazing people and personalities. The camaraderie in the Magfed community is amazing.

Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to say hi and check out the products we are busy innovating and creating. We debut a new product so if you missed it make sure your following us on Instagram at #InstinctIndustries and our FaceBook page Fixxxer Advanced Tactical Equipment to get the latest news. Thank you to all of our customers and friends for the continuos support. Big Thank you to First Strike Paintball, we love our ProStaff Team

Big thank you to all the media and photographers that spend their time and money to get in the rough of our action to showcase how badass our sport is and the passion we destroy the field with! You guys all rock! Death ElementDeadly Couture Photography, Paintball PhotographyMaximilian Hontz Photograhy, Stephanie Boltjes Photography, Rogue Vixen Photography, and any others I have missed.

None of this would have happened if it were not for Magfed ProShop and the band of loyal friends they have! Thank you all!! 

Magfed Paintball is family. We all went home winners.

Till next time